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Manijot Adventurers Company provides Trekking, hiking, camping, paragliding, MTB cycling, River-Rafting, rock climbing, meditation, yoga, And multi-adventure services in Himachal Pradesh at Jot Pass in Chamba.


Trekking is basically venturing into unknown places through jungles, mountains and plains...

River Rafting

Rafting and white water rafting are recreational outdoor activities which use an inflatable...


Paragliding. Another thrilling aerosport which involves running down the slope of a hill top...

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing. This innocuous sounding sport is in fact a highly technical activity...


Camping is a recreational activity pursued outdoors, away from cities and towns...

Mountain Expeditions

Mountaineering is for volunteers, looking for greater challenge which includes high...

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Our main objective is to promote tourism in the Himachal, especially trekking, hiking, camping, paragliding, MTB cycling, River-Rafting, And multi-adventure tours, Our expertise can even help you to combine other adventure activities like rafting, kayaking, canoeing, jungle Camping and jungle safaris with trekking during your trip so that there are wholesome entertainment and fun.

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Our team is highly Experienced and certified. our team does more efforts are to make feel happy and comfortable when they trekking, climbing.

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Let's Introduce Yourself to Your Planet.

Manijot adventurers are regarded as one of the most trusted adventure tour operators in himachal pradesh. We believe in the philosophy of wholeheartedly serving our customers and make travel fun, in the literal sense. Our long list of clients includes customers from both india and abroad and we are glad to state that we have been able to help them realize their dreams of exploring the richness of india. We have sufficient expertise and resources at our disposal for ensuring customers well arranged and customized packages; in fact, many of our packages are budget friendly and echo friendly and do not include any hidden charges, something which puts a smile on the face of travelers and adventure lovers.

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